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UNDO – The Ukraine Data Observatory

The Ukraine Data Observatory (by Datalab AUTh) is a platform for analyzing and visualizing data related to the war between Ukraine and Russia that broke out on February 24, 2022. It collects tweets from the social network of Twitter, and aims to inform the international community about the related trends, discussed topics, and most active …

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REVITAL: Real and Virtual Social Interactions


Real and Virtual Social Interactions and Reciprocities via efficient sentiment and affective analysis methodologies for extracting or recording and analyzing emotional information in real and virtual life. Detect and characterize patterns of ‘online’ communication with patterns of ‘offline’ or face to face communication in real social networks and studying patterns of human emotions in real …

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Cloud4Trends: Leveraging the cloud infrastructure for localized real-time trend detection in social media


Cloud-based framework for social networks trends detection and analysis via real-time large-scale data clustering techniques, evolving social graph mining with tailored data preprocessing and cleaning. Emphasis placed on analyzing societal concerns and reaching consensus on collective decision-making via tailored web mining techniques which utilize the cloud infrastructure Venus-C to help address the challenges posed by …

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Social networks graphs studies

Social networks graphs studies

The project aimed at detecting user communities (in Twitter) based on users’ mentions and conversations in the context of specific topics. It has managed monitoring activity in microblogs (Twitter) to detect when and how communities evolve (emerge, gain / lose strength, merge, collapse) and also analyzed users’ activity in the identified communities to discover their …

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EGI | How to predict social media trends?

Social networks nowadays are big data production engines. Their analytics can produce insights on trending topics that can be used in various domains, from advertising to politics. Social media trends are also indicators for various phenomena, from opinion shifts to emergency situations and even disease outbreaks. However, the prediction of a social network’s topic as …

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