Lecture on “Bot Detection in Online Social Networks” by Prof. Athena Vakali

Prof. Athena Vakali, director of Datalab, will present a lecture on the subject of “Bot Detection in Online Social Networks” under the Data Science Lecture Series, Fall semester 2021-22 organized by the Data Science laboratory of the Department of Informatics, ICT School, University of Piraeus. Prof. Vakali will present how can social bots be detected in today’s online mistrusted platforms and reveal crucial research outcomes in the battle against social bots “in the wild”. Social bots detection under interpretable and responsible AI methods will be showcased, to open ideas and dialogues for effective online disinformation services. The presentation will be done online on Wednesday 8/12/2021, 19:45-20:45 Athens time (GMT+2).

The lecture series are open for attending to anyone interested, via MS Teams.
Please visit the following link for more information and registration: https://cybersecdatasci.cs.unipi.gr/2021/12/01/data-science-lecture-series-fall-semester-2021-22/


 Presentation slides: pdf

Video here