Tools & Apps

KEA follows a hybrid approach, through advocating ensemble Data Science techniques, for misuse and anomaly detection from health data sources or network monitoring.
PlasticTwist Crowdsourcing tool offers a presentation and visualization of social media data regarding plastic.
CovidDExp (COVID-19 Data Exploration) is a dashboard presenting data with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Bot Detective checks the activity of a Twitter account and assigns it a score based on the likelihood of the account being a bot.
PROUD is an open-source high-throughput distributed outlier detection engine for intense data streams that is implemented in Scala on top of the Apache Flink framework.
Datalab is a pioneer in streaming distance-based outlier detection and contributes outlier detection functionalities to the well-known “MOA Machine Learning for Streams” tool.
A Cloud Resource Scaling-Out Manager for NoSQL Databases. We present the Elton tool, a publicly available cloud resource elasticity management system tailored to NoSQL data- bases.
Datalab conducts research on high-performance theta and set similarity joins using CUDA.
We provide the source code for advanced multi-objective partitioners for theta-joins in Spark/MapReduce.
We provide a Cassandra-based implementation of Hinode, a space-optimal storage model for historical queries on graphs.
SAFE YOU aims to dynamically contribute to anti-doping in fitness and amateur sports.
“Film Buddy” is an innovative, interactive, social, non-commercial movie recommender engine.