Datalab can offer top-quality consulting, research and development services for data science projects. We possess know-how regarding end-to-end massive data management and analytics from setting private cloud infrastructures and optimization of elastic NoSQL databases, to MapReduce/Spark/generic dataflow programs and advanced algorithms for analytics, such as mining of complex patterns in evolving data, personalized recommendations and anomaly detection.

Datalab has strong expertise in transferring research results into industry/practice. Examples include AtlantisFollow-AppsSboingUpcom.

big data analytics

Advanced (big) data analytics

Datalab offers advanced:

  • End-to-end solutions: from raw data to useful results
    Case Study: from collecting streaming logs and storing to cloud databases to detecting repeating behavioral patterns
  • Techniques that analyze data collected by several heterogeneous sources and crowdsourcing.
    Case studies:
    Extraction of hidden and complex patterns in data
    Network Analysis for Data Intelligence
    Log Analysis to support Ad Campaigns
    Data analysis of online transactions
  • Personalized Recommendations
    Case study: Personalized offers to customers depending on their purchasing behavior
  • Tailored Information Systems
    Case study: Monitoring and assessment of employees in the tourist industry
cloud databases

Cloud databases

  • Development
  • Customization
  • Optimization
  • Error solving
apache spark

Infrastructure Configuration for Big Data processing

  • SPARK training for IT employees
    Case Study: Spark parameterization
business process management

BPMN Optimization

  • Faster processes
  • Reduction of potential errors
  • Reduction of processes
  • Reduction of costs