The overarching aim of DataflowOpt is to capitalize on significant preliminary results in the area of dataflow optimization by the investigators and reshape the way dataflow optimization is approached addressing the significant limitations, state-of-the-art solutions suffer from. The broader technical goal is to make cost-based automated dataflow optimization functionality available to designers with a view …

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Sboing4real targets the development of crowdsourcing technologies for geo-social networking and advanced satellite navigation in real-time.Recognizing the enormous potential that crowdsourcing can offer in modern navigation systems, the Sboing4real project aims to develop innovative technologies for the geo-sensitive social networking of people who use navigation devices and for the exchange of additional real-time navigation information …

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PTwist: An open platform for plastic lifecycle awareness, monetization, and sustainable innovation (Η2020)


PTwist aims to design, deploy, and validate an open platform which will twist plastic reuse practices, by boosting citizens awareness, circular economy practices, and sustainable innovation inline with the new plastics economy vision. To achieve its goals PTwist is offering: a) crowdsourcing tools to enable generation of an evolving plastic materials reuse taxonomy and an …

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Online S3 (Η2020)

Online S3

ONLINE-S3 will develop an e-policy platform, augmented with a toolbox of applications and online services, able to assist national and regional authorities in the EU to elaborate their smart specialization agenda. In other words, the project will investigate, develop and test new and innovative technologies, tools and services which are in line with the methodological …

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ENCASE: ENhancing seCurity and privAcy in the Social wEb (Η2020)


ENCASE will leverage the latest advances in usable security and privacy to design and implement a browser-based architecture for the protection of minors from malicious actors in online social networks. The overall vision of the project is to provide research and innovation contributions to end-user experience assessment, large scale data processing, machine learning and data …

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cHiPSet: High-performance modelling and simulation for big data applications


The Big Data era poses a critically difficult challenge and striking development opportunities in High-Performance Computing (HPC): how to efficiently turn massively large data into valuable information and meaningful knowledge. Computationally effective HPC is required in a rapidly-increasing number of data-intensive domains, such as Life and Physical Sciences, and Socioeconomic Systems. Modelling and Simulation (MS) …

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Erasmus+ SAFEYOU+


SAFE YOU aims to dynamically contribute to anti-doping in fitness and amateur sports. To do so effectively we should abide by the following principles: (i) Primary prevention, (ii) Empowerment through education, and (iii) Strategic partnership. Title: SAFEYOU Duration: – Funded under: Erasmus+ EU Programme Coordinator: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GR Tweetsafe app website Project website

Fix the Fixing

Fix the Fixing

Fix the Fixing aims to develop a user-friendly educational tool will that will be used by stakeholders to increase people’s involved in sport awareness about corruption, fraud and match-fixing in different types and levels of sport; teach coping skills on resisting offers and temptations to engage in match-fixing; and indicate ways to properly report match-fixing …

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KNOWeSCAPE: Analyzing the dynamics of information and knowledge landscapes


There is no escape from the expansion of information, so that structuring and locating meaningful knowledge becomes ever more difficult. This project will tackle this urgent problem using the unique networking and capacity-building features provided by the COST framework. For the first time, a platform will be created where information professionals, sociologists, physicists, digital humanities …

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EICOS: foundations for perSOnalized Cooperative Information Ecosystems


The aim of EICOS is to provide the methodology, the theoretical and modeling foundations as well as the algorithmic techniques and the necessary software architecture that will facilitate the personalization, integration, and evolution management facilities for information ecosystems that operate over a decentralized infrastructure for a large variety of data types. The fundamental idea that …

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