LifeChamps: A Collective Intelligent Platform to Support Cancer Champions


Geriatric oncology, concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in the elderly, is an important subtopic. Improving outcomes hinges on many different factors, including the quality of services received. The EU-funded LifeChamps project aims to provide support to middle aged and older (pre-frail and frail) cancer patients. It has developed a big data-driven solution with an artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics engine that can offer timely and accurate clinical decision support. Operating on both the cloud and at the mobile edge, this new tool can identify the factors that affect quality of life of a patient. Ultimately, this offers personalised healthcare services as regards symptoms monitoring, treatment and rehabilitation. The project will conduct multinational pilot use case scenarios.

LifeChamps: A Collective Intelligent Platform to Support Cancer Champions

Title: LifeChamps: A Collective Intelligent Platform To Support Cancer Champions

Grant Agreement No: 875329

Topics: SC1-DTH-01-2019 - Big data and Artificial Intelligence for monitoring health status and quality of life after the cancer treatment

Duration: 01/01/2020 - 30/11/2022

Funded under: H2020-EU., H2020-EU.

Funding Scheme: RIA - Research and Innocation Action

Overall Budget: € 4.999.915

Coordinator: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GR