The system of PRECognition combines novel and advanced prediction and fault detection models and constitutes a complete production equipment health monitoring solution for the factory of the future. The project’s purposes are to create a predictive maintenance system that will: Detect/predict the risk of failures and effectively manage their possible occurrence Reduce fault recovery time …

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One of the most important parts of patient satisfaction in the health sector, based on general knowledge, is accessibility. Accessibility consists of a set of factors that describe the effort needed from a patient as well as the procedures a patient needs to complete, in order to receive health services from an organization. Some of …

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HEART - Hardware-enabled Energy Analytics in Real Time


 In the context of this project, development of the HEART system, which exploits and develops state-of-the-art technologies that combine developments in the area of ​”smart” devices with big data, and the Internet of Things, is proposed. The subject of interest is the in-depth understanding of energy consumption in residential environments and either limiting it for …

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The purpose of this project is to conduct research and create a pioneering hardware system for pricing, quantity and quantity measurement to be deployed in fleets of both private fleets of tour operators and tourist public transportation vehicles in order to enable companies to find the optimum, economical, safer and profitable Travel routes of tourist …

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Sboing4real targets the development of crowdsourcing technologies for geo-social networking and advanced satellite navigation in real-time.Recognizing the enormous potential that crowdsourcing can offer in modern navigation systems, the Sboing4real project aims to develop innovative technologies for the geo-sensitive social networking of people who use navigation devices and for the exchange of additional real-time navigation information …

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EICOS: foundations for perSOnalized Cooperative Information Ecosystems


The aim of EICOS is to provide the methodology, the theoretical and modeling foundations as well as the algorithmic techniques and the necessary software architecture that will facilitate the personalization, integration, and evolution management facilities for information ecosystems that operate over a decentralized infrastructure for a large variety of data types. The fundamental idea that …

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TRACER: Identifying software vulnerabilities and securing legacy systems


Legacy systems are likely to contain software vulnerabilities that can lead to various security breaches. On the other hand, these systems contain valuable information about the environment, the creation and the evolution of the organization they support. For this reason, redesigning large systems in order to be secure and compatible with new technologies is not …

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ARCHIMEDIS: Enterprise Architecture for Digital Cities


The purpose of this project concerns the investigation, determination and implementation of a common Enterprise Architecture, which can cover the particular needs of the most (if not of all) the different forms of digital cities. OSWINDS team has developed Social Data Observer as a platform which offers services to citizens and city visitors in terms …


HERAKLITOS II : Web data clustering techniques

HERAKLITOS II : Web data clustering techniques

PhD funding program with the research been co-financed by the European Union (European Social Fund – ESF) and Greek national funds through the Operational Program “Education and Lifelong Learning” of the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) – Research Funding Program: Heracleitus II. Investing in knowledge society through the European Social Fund, the project has focused …

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