Tools & Apps

TweetFix is a task that is part of the “Fix the Fixing” project with a goal to find, analyze and extract useful information about fixed or suspected matches of various sports and events.
A city Clustering social media driven tool which visualizes dynamic city areas based on social, temporal and spatial characteristics.
The European Youth Capital official app developed voluntarily by the OSWINDS collaborating students.
MoviExplain is a movie recommender system that provides both accurate and justifiable movie recommendations.
GeoSocialRec is an online recommender system for Location-based Social Networks, where users can get explanations along with the recommendations of friends, locations and activities.
The application informs and familiarizes the public about Thessaloniki’s rich cinematic history through a modern navigation experience in the city.
A partly open-source, social media monitoring platform, which aims to evaluate the social presence of brands and products on Twitter, in a comparative manner.
ViThess enables multiple city interactions by dividing city’s virtual space into polygons utilized as cyber announcement boards.
Organized by OSWINDS group and Memrise which opened up its API, and the hackathon challenge was to create the most interesting little learning game in the time available.
SEN2SOC mobile application offers real-time environmental monitoring of the city of Santander, route recommendations, notification mechanism, suggestion of areas and points of interest to city visitors, etc.
The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki android and ios app WHICH makes itself the first museum of Greece to enter Google Play Store.
An alpha software prototype for training a user to follow a healthy way of living and fight obesity based on the Mediterranean food chain.