Develop improved methods for knowledge extraction from massive amounts of data regarding moving objects. This knowledge is essential to substantiate decision making in public and private sectors. Moving object data typically include trajectories of concrete objects (e.g. humans, vehicles, animals, and goods), as well as trajectories of abstract concepts (e.g. spreading diseases). While movement records are nowadays generated in huge volumes, methods for extracting useful information are still immature, due to fragmentation of research and lack of comprehensiveness from monodisciplinary approaches. Overcoming these limitations calls for COST-like networking. In response to a strong expression of interest from the academic, industrial, and user communities, this Action will empower the development of substantial and widely applicable methods in mobility analysis, focusing on representation and analysis of movement, including spatio-temporal data mining, and visual analytics. Results will be demonstrated through showcases for decision makers. Researchers from various subdomains in computer and geographic information sciences will join domain specialists from a broad range of relevant applications, from courier services and transportation to ecology, and epidemiology, among others.