Computer programming contests are organized for university students or for high school students at national, regional or international level. Of particular interest are the Greek National Programming Contest (PDP) operated by the Greek Computer Society, the Balkan Olympiad in Informatics (BOI) and the International Olympiad of Informatics (IOI).

DATALAB members have intensively worked (as hosts) or have significantly contributed (as leaders or deputy leaders, as programmers or administrators, as program setters and solvers) to the following organizations:

  • Balkan Olympiad in Informatics: 1993 (Constantza), 1994 (Thessaloniki), 1995 (Varna), 1996 (Nicosia), 1997 (Drama), 1999 (Ioannina), 2000 (Ohrid), 2001 (Durres), 2003 (Iasi), 2004(Plovdiv), 2005 (Rhodes Island), 2006 (Nicosia)
  • National Internet Contest for University Students of Computer Science/Engineering Departments: 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000
  • National Programming Contest: 2002-2013

A related contribution is also an authored book on theoretical and practical problems, which is unique in Greek language.