DEEPMIND Experts presentations

DWS MSc Program

“Data and Web Science” MSc Program of Dept. of Informatics AUTh, would like to invite you to an exciting talk/lecture part of the MSc program Lecture Series.

DEEPMIND Experts presentations: Exciting research work & career inspiration

When: Monday, Jan 18, 2021 17.30
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DEEPMIND’s presentations include the following two talks:

Presenter: Natasha Antropova, Research Engineer, Google DeepMind

“In this talk, I will share my research journey starting from the undergraduate time and ending at DeepMind. I will also include more technical details of the research I have done in the breast cancer space within a joint DeepMind and Google effort.”

Presenter: Yannis Assael, Senior Research Scientist, Google DeepMind

“I’m going to talk about my journey from studying in Thessaloniki to working in one of the world’s leading research labs for Artificial Intelligence. Furthermore, I will present research questions we are trying to answer nowadays, and share my views on interesting future directions of the field.”