CUREX webinar on cyber resilience of health organizations in Europe

curex webinar

On February 9th, 2022 at 14:00-16:30 CET, CUREX, PANACEA and SPHINX H2020 projects are co-hosting the virtual webinar: “HSE cyber-attack: a wake-up call for hospitals right across Europe | How European funded research can boost your cyber resilience in 2022”

The focus of the webinar will be on the recent cyber-attack against the Health Service Executive (HSE) of Ireland, discussing how EU-funded research solutions could have contributed in the attack prevention, detection, and later on, in the recovery of the health system. Distinguished guests from the European Commission, ENISA and the HSE will participate in the event to exchange knowledge and share insights on cybersecurity in healthcare.

For the event’s agenda and registration details please visit the link below: